May 31, 2024

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Arteta hints at Wenger's return: 'He can make a big contribution' |  Premier League

Arteta hints at Wenger’s return: ‘He can make a big contribution’ | Premier League

After a very poor start to the competition, Arsenal under Mikel Arteta have gently climbed to fifth in the Premier League, a boost after a slump that has lasted for some time now.

Under Arsene Wenger’s management, Arsenal were a fixture at the top of England for many years, the title in 2004 being the top.

But ‘Le Professeur’ Wenger hasn’t been able to sustain the economic boom, he pulled out in 2018 and since then Arsenal have barely shown any improvement.

Wenger now works for FIFA, but according to current T1 Arteta, a return to London is not impossible.

In a press interview today, Arteta revealed, “There was already a connection. I saw him recently when we were at his movie premiere and then we talked.”

“It was great to see him and talk to him. I hope we can bring him closer to the club.”

“I think he can make a huge contribution to the club. Because I think he can create a certain atmosphere, because of the respect and admiration that everyone in the club has for what he has done and also what he represents as a person within this club.”

According to Arteta, it should mainly come from Wenger himself. “Things take time, and I think he must be in control.”

“What I can say on my part, and I think speaking for everyone, is that we would be very happy to bring him very close.”