February 25, 2024

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Artificial intelligence breaks the world record in the wooden balancing game Labyrinth

Artificial intelligence breaks the world record in the wooden balancing game Labyrinth

The world record for humans in a maze has been broken, thanks to artificial intelligence. The CyberRunner robot was equipped with artificial intelligence and was therefore able to maneuver the marble through a wooden maze faster.

This is special, because the AI ​​should be able to maintain very good balance, which is a remarkable feat of eye-hand coordination. Now CyberRunner doesn't have any hands, but is equipped with devices that allow him to turn the playing field to tilt it. For example, he was able to get the ball to the correct place in the maze in 14.48 seconds: something the best person in the maze did in 15.41 seconds. Unfortunately for Lars-Göran Danielsson, who holds this world record. On the other hand, he remains the best person in this balancing game.

Robot play maze

Fortunately, it was also recorded, so we can see exactly what happens when such a game is presented to a robot with great thinking powers. After all, in this game, every millimeter of movement matters. This makes it even better that the robot can do it so quickly. The robot's creators have trained it so it learns every time it plays. We call it practice, but with robots it is called “collected experience”.

However, it's something more scientists can work on, because the makers of CyberRunner have put the information needed to build the devices and algorithms online. These researchers, Thomas Bi and Raffaello D'Andrea, hope that many more researchers will work on it and make CyberRunner better, or come up with new applications themselves that will amaze the world.

Years of play versus 6 hours of learning

What's more, this can happen very quickly: in just six hours, CyberRunner learned how to play the game so well that it broke a human world record. This is very fast and says something about how much the machine can be developed further to do it faster next time. After all, he can use that “collected experience” over and over again, allowing him to constantly improve himself.

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