June 18, 2024

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ArtSound explores and predicts: 2023 trend forecasts that transform sound waves

ArtSound explores and predicts: 2023 trend forecasts that transform sound waves

Trend 1: Multiroom will bathe your home in sound


Until not long ago, nearly every room in our home was equipped with separate audio installations, and each room deserves its own music source. And although the need for music always and everywhere in the house has not changed, we do not want to install a separate speaker everywhere. Therefore, it seems that the available technology is developing rapidly.

ArtSound sees the value of the upcoming multi-room trend and wants to respond effectively to this with smart, ready-to-use packages: comprehensive audio solutions that can be easily installed for each room or area. From speakers to an amplifier, everything you need to fill a room with sound is included. In addition, each package is adapted to the chosen space, such as splash-proof built-in speakers for the bathroom or full waterproof protection for your balcony or garden. Office buildings also find the right sound partner in ArtSound’s smart packages.

the extent of the sound art Includes a total of five different affordable packages. One package costs from 500 to 600 euros, to provide your entire home – from 4 to 5 zones – with sound you pay about 2,500 euros. According to the company, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space are the four most selectable areas and groups. Smart packages make high-quality sound a democratic reality, not a luxury good. Not only are they easy to install, thanks to fair prices they remain affordable to anyone with a heart for music.

Super powerful subwoofer

The Smart Hyde multifunctional speaker connects to all the music systems in your home and operates via a handy app. The device can be connected to the network effortlessly, so you can enjoy endless (streaming) music and radio sounds without interruption or loss of sound quality. Not entirely unexpectedly, Smart Hyde is ArtSound’s best-selling product.

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Trend 2: Built-in speakers are the new black