March 5, 2024

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Aster Nzimana makes a difficult decision: “We are no longer in love” – Offside

Aster Nzimana makes a difficult decision: “We are no longer in love” – Offside

As a football broadcaster, Aster Nzeyimana has been one of the most recognizable faces on screen for years. This remained unchanged even after its conversion to VTM. Privately, Aster has been with actress Liz Vereen for years, although he has just made a difficult decision.

Lovebirds keep butterflies

Anyone who follows Aster and Lize's social media will notice that despite their professional activities, they spend a lot of time together. They usually attend every party together and this is no coincidence. The two also recently went on a winter vacation.

“Neither of us are naive. She's not mine and I'm not hers. We both consciously choose to spend a lot of time together. Sorry friends, I admit: I often try to sneak Liz on weekends or evenings for men. On one Boys night With three friends I'll say after a few hours: “Hey, uh… Liz happens to be coming over from training, is it okay if she joins for a while,” Aster says in Nina.

“He's the nicest person I know.”

Aster and Liz have been a couple for some time, although some things have changed in the meantime. “People often say: ‘You're still in love!’ ‘No, we're not in love anymore. But we're still crazy about each other,” and Liz then immediately added, “Aster is the nicest person I know.”

The two have just launched their first clothing line, Mélange. The couple adds that it is currently uncertain whether it will remain a one-off “adventure”, as all options are still on the table at the moment.

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