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Astonishment at Noah Cyrus' transparent “void dress”: “She looks like Bianca Sensori” |  celebrities

Astonishment at Noah Cyrus' transparent “void dress”: “She looks like Bianca Sensori” | celebrities

celebritiesNoah Cyrus (24), sister of Miley Cyrus (31), has stunned her Instagram followers with a stunning new outfit. The singer appears in a revealing condom-like dress, a body bag and a life-sized stocking. The photos sparked a storm of criticism. “I'm glad my kids can't see this.”

Noah Cyrus' photo series immediately caught the attention of her 5.9 million Instagram followers. The post has already received more than 300,000 likes. Her dress is from Swiss brand Prototype and leaves very little to the imagination. Noah wears only skin-colored boxers under the sheer dress. The singer's fans compare the garment to a condom, a body bag or a life-sized sock. Others casually think of the time when Chris Griffin from the animated series “Family Guy” was stuffed with a vacuum cleaner like a “gas station sandwich.”

Some wonder why the singer is showing off her breasts while young fans are watching too. “I'm glad my kids can't see this,” she says, among other things. Also: “Her father must be feeling very uncomfortable.” “This is really unnecessary. What's wrong with her?”, asks another person. “This is undoubtedly the result of living in her sister's shadow,” one follower concluded.

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Noah Cyrus © Instagram

Chris Griffin as
Chris Griffin as “Cabbage Sandwich” in Family Guy. © Fox

Comparisons have also been made to Bianca Sensori, wife of rapper Kanye West. “For a moment I thought this was Bianca Sensori. 'It really looks like her,' it seems. And for good reason. The prototype is also behind the infamous see-through coat the Australian architect was recently spotted in. She also wore nothing underneath the sheer fabric. She became Sensori She is now known around the world for her revealing clothing, imposed on her by her husband. This will not please Kim Kardashian, West's ex-wife. “She warned Kanye not to let Bianca dress like this in front of her children,” a source told the Daily Mail.

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The prototype's clothes fit well into the eccentric fashion circus of Kanye's life and that's no coincidence. Behind the brand are designers Laura Beham and Callum Pidgeon, who took a senior position at his Yeezy brand last year. It is no coincidence that they make clothes where the entire face is covered with cloth, which is the style in which rappers like to appear.

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Kanye West and Bianca Sensori, earlier this month.
Kanye West and Bianca Sensori, earlier this month. © Roll/X17online.com

The government is a fan

The prototype attracts attention not only because of its controversial clothes. The brand also has a great mission. The company recycles. The production of clothing is harmful to the environment, so the brand does not make fashion from new materials, but from unsold items from other companies. Even think police uniforms, teddy bear parts, or old Yeezy stuff. In 2022, the brand received a design award from the Swiss State Agency for Culture, because it combats overproduction and waste well.

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