May 26, 2024

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The Queen should return on Sunday's remembrance at the last minute...

The Queen should return on Sunday’s remembrance at the last minute…

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was forced to cancel Sunday’s national memorial service at the last minute. She suffered a sprain in the back. The 95-year-old has had to rely on a doctor’s advice since October 20, when she was hospitalized for a while, but was determined to return during the anniversary.

The Queen considers Memorial Sunday, which commemorates war victims in the UK, one of her most important duties and wanted to make her return publicly available. On Saturday, Buckingham Palace said the Queen had “strong intentions” to attend the service. Everyone expected to see her on the balcony on Sunday. But her place between Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra remained empty.

Photo: Reuters

In a statement shortly before the event, the palace said the Queen had decided “with great regret” not to attend and was “disappointed” that she would not attend the service. She suffered a sprain in the back.

The Queen did not attend public events by herself after being hospitalized on 20 October and then resting by order of a doctor. According to a source inside the palace, the twisting of her back had nothing to do with her previous health issues. It would be an “incredibly unfortunate coincidence”.

‘She’s doing a very good job’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to reassure reporters about the Queen’s health at the event: “I saw the Queen in attendance last week, Wednesday in Windsor, and she is doing very well.”

The Queen has only missed Sunday Commemorations six times in her 69 years on the throne, the last time in 1999. She has been four times on overseas missions, and has twice been absent while pregnant.

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