April 17, 2024

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Astrid Coppins never returns to the US: 'Doctors there thought Billy Ray couldn't survive' |  showbiz

Astrid Coppins never returns to the US: ‘Doctors there thought Billy Ray couldn’t survive’ | showbiz

showbizAstrid Coppins, 39, told Nieuwsblad she got it with the US. “Those exaggerated fake stuff, I can’t stand it anymore.” But the biggest factor in her decision was the wrong judgment from local doctors about her daughter Billy Ray. “He advised us to seriously consider abortion.”

“I haven’t been to Los Angeles in nearly three years,” Astrid thinks at Het Nieuwsblad. “In December, Bram and I went to New York for our wedding anniversary. Four days later we started thinking: Oh, those Americans, those superficial ones.”

Astrid Coppins and her family at Disney © Disneyland Paris

Although this was not the main reason for her permanent departure. “The worst – and I was never told – was when I was pregnant with Billy Ray and the doctors, based on my 20-week ultrasound, thought she wouldn’t be able to survive. I went through all kinds of punctures and checks, until we got to the point where we were advised to consider Seriously about an abortion. Finally we came to Belgium, where it was decided that she was completely healthy. Can you imagine I was about to…”

Fortunately, Billy Ray is in good health, and if it’s up to Astrid, a brother or sister is certainly welcome. By the way, her offspring will soon be transported in … a cargo bike. “Me or a cargo bike, who would have thought that?”

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