June 14, 2024

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Astronauts can go "dry" in space;  fixed toilet |  Abroad

Astronauts can go “dry” in space; fixed toilet | Abroad

A toilet issue has been fixed on the spaceship for the flight, which is scheduled for next weekend.

This issue came to light in another Crew Dragon in September during the “Inspiration4” mission, the first three-day space tourist’s orbital flight around four people. During that trip with steadfastnessfinancier and captain Jared Isakman reported, an alarm went off, forcing the crew to make an assessment in consultation with people on the ground.

The cause of all the misery: a blown pipe under the toilet, causing the “body fluid” to end up under the ship’s floor, rather than in the tank. By the way, there was no dangerous situation in the cabin. “There was no urine floating in the ship either,” Isaacman said. The SpaceX builder said that the released tube is no longer glued together, but is welded the old way. NASA agrees to the fix. This way the toilet is now also in the new Endurance Created.

A similar type of repair must be done in a third Crew Dragon; The quest which is still attached to the International Space Station (ISS). This ship brought a crew to the International Space Station in April and has a similar leak. because this quest It was only used on the flight to the International Space Station – and didn’t have to house four people for three days – less liquid leaked. “The chaos was less bad,” CNN said.

Tests conducted by SpaceX and NASA on Earth indicate that a leak in the Crew Dragon capsule still in space could not cause any problems. The capsule will carry the current ISS crew back to Earth and then be repaired.

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Chari, Marshbourne, Baron or Maurer flights to the International Space Station are expected to begin on October 31. They will live on the space station for six months. And use the ISS toilet…