February 27, 2024

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At IFFR, the future is Instagram purple and there are hippos swimming through the airwaves

At IFFR, the future is Instagram purple and there are hippos swimming through the airwaves

The British artist called it “the new wilderness.” Alan Warburton In 2017, computer generated images: virtual reality, and more recently of course artificial intelligence. According to him, this is where the real artistic innovations take place, while major media and entertainment companies try to make their films look as “real” and realistic as possible.

These new technologies are a safe haven for breakthroughs, failures, and experiments. a Brave space For art that deviates from the norm, Frankenstein's monsters in computer art (but in neon colors), so to speak. The extent to which this style has now become mainstream can be seen during Art Directions, a program on the art of cinema outside the walls of cinema at IFFR.

For example, the “new wilderness” can be recognized in a virtual reality film 8 billion breath It was written by Nemo Vos, who collaborated with musician and narrator Spinface – who is performing his compositions live for the occasion. It is one of the most prominent events of the festival. Through an odyssey of successive animation styles, the viewer travels through time and space, raising the question of whether humans are as unique as we sometimes think. Especially when you consider that the guy came out of a big primal soup.


At Rotterdam Central Station, Belgian-Australian artist duo Anne Ferris and Luke Conroy invite you to their collage and parody film for a YouTube tutorial Unfold Off to morning yoga. Here, too, is a vision of the future, where this time you end up in a wellness dictatorship. It's all smooth and shiny, but it is health For humans too health For the planet? It's a typical product of the millennial generation taking on video art: tight, vulnerable, and serious all at once.

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In a three-screen installation We'll definitely talk about this after the air raid warning stops Written by Yuri Ivanov from Ukraine At Joey Ramone Gallery, the future is purple Instagram and hippos swimming in the air. The work is partly a reflection of the war with Russia and partly a vision of the future in which a questionable new world order emerges after environmental crises and the apocalypse. The place where differences between species disappear, and man is no longer the crown of creation. Magical words like hybrid, fluid, and non-binary also seem to apply to computer-generated mythical creatures.

Digital aesthetics

In a time of existential uncertainty, art has no answers, but almost no questions anymore, and it seems to be the common thread of artistic trends. Italian artist and director Rosa Barba had the opportunity to browse through Puig Mann's warehouse. by Drawing possible conclusions/concluding with possible drawings You want to stay longer than just the festival week. There are many associative lines that can be drawn between the archival pieces in her mini-exhibition and new works in artistic trends when it comes to the role of technology and video art.

Since the advent of artificial intelligence and supercomputers, the boundaries between science and digital aesthetics have become blurrier. Parted The V2_Lab for Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary research project. Of all the works, this one brings us closer to the facts. In real time, artificial intelligence offers possible solutions to the climate crisis. Humans are no longer central, although one AI answer is based on a very human logic: plant more trees.

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Meanwhile, the solution via AI is also contributing to the problem: Data scientist Alex de Vries recently mapped the energy consumption of simple AI calculations: If we continue to use ChatGPT as we do now, in 2027 we will use the same amount of energy for AI. All over the world like all of Holland now.