June 5, 2023

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At least thirty were killed and injured in a serious train accident in the Netherlands

The passenger train collided with a construction crane which was lying on the track after a freight train hit the crane. Road work was underway at the accident site.

The train was partially derailed: the front section ended in a meadow, the middle train set lay on its side on the track and a fire broke out in the back section, Dutch Railways says. This fire has now been extinguished.

The passenger train on its way from Leiden to The Hague was about 50 people. Emergency services rushed to the scene to evacuate the victims. There is death. 19 injured people were reportedly taken to hospital, including the train driver. Twenty other victims were treated at the scene.

Emergency services on a train that has derailed.ANP image

According to the NOS, no trains will run to and from Leiden for at least 4 p.m. due to the accident. Only when the site investigation is completed, the train has been removed and potential damage on and near the track has been repaired, can train traffic resume.

No hazardous materials were released during the collision.

ProRail CEO John Vauben speaks of a “black day for Dutch Railways”. “My thoughts go out to everyone involved.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also expressed his condolences via Twitter for the victims and relatives of the “terrible train accident”.

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