April 23, 2024

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Whoever gets the card can get a million for it: the famous card game will soon release a unique version

Whoever gets the card can get a million for it: the famous card game will soon release a unique version


Magic: The Gathering, the popular fantasy card game played by millions of people all over the world, just got a special expansion for The Lord of the Rings. Only one copy of the special card will be made with The Ring. It is already valued at more than one million euros.

The Lord of the Rings special edition of Magic: The Gathering will feature game cards featuring characters such as Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gandalf, and many other creatures primarily featured in author JRR Tolkien’s books.

The ring will also be present in the game. Or more correctly: one very special episode. The one ring. It will also be clearly marked on the map as there is only one such instance. By the way, this was not the case with Magic Cards before. Even the most exclusive gaming cards have always been traded to date. This unique card will be hidden in a booster pack consisting of the “Gift Pack” or “Collection Boosters”.

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Not yet on the market

It has already been said that whoever finds the card in the purchased package actually wins the lottery. The unique card is already valued at over a million euros because the hype is so great and Magic cards are simply a good investment.

Big money

Because you can’t get the unique Magic Card? Be sure to check your other cards in the game if you have them. Magic card prices have exploded in recent years anyway. Tickets sometimes sell for hundreds of thousands of euros. The famous Black Lotus, a special and undamaged version of it, has been sold on eBay for more than half a million euros. And we are only talking about general sales. It is possible that the More Money cards are already moving from one hand to the other. However, this only applies to a very small percentage of cards, and the standard rate is 15 to 20 cents.

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For those who want to immediately try their luck and immediately rush to the store for The One Ring: hold on. Tales of Middle-earth won’t be released until June 23, 2023. A second installment will be released in November, due to the holidays soon to follow.