April 16, 2024

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Attack on Capitol Hill, first criminal sentence: Eight months to 38-year-old Hodgkins invading Senate with pro-Trump flag

The first was given Criminal punishment I January 6, 2021 Facts Capitol Hill, When approx 800 supporters Of the former President of the United States Donald Trump Washington attacked the Congress building Denying the decision In the winning elections Joe Biden, In an attempt to prevent its proclamation. 38 years old Paul Alert Hodgkins, Was convicted of being one of the most recognizable rebels Eight months in prison After pleading guilty in court hearing him Sorry For their own behavior. The Attorney General’s Office requested a sentence a 18 months, Argues the demand with the need to prevent new actions “Internal Terrorism”.

“I can say without a doubt Sorry e Full regret I have been hurt for my actions, for the damage they have done, and for the country I love, ”Hodgkins said before sentencing. “If I have any idea that the opposition will be distorted in any way I will never cross the sidewalk. This is a crazy decision on my part. ” In handing down the sentence, Judge Randolph D. Moss explained that repentance and confession were taken into account in measuring the sentence, while emphasizing that the crime was serious. “It simply came to our notice then Attack on democracy“, He summed up.

Hodgkins, native Tampa (Florida), taken in some pictures while shaking one Flag White-red with inscription “Trump 2020” After the opposition to the police, they entered the Senate room along with other attackers. “The Symbolism That act cannot be ignored, ”the judge said. Hodgkins used the Senate as a stage, not by waving an American flag, but by declaring a faith. Single individual Above the nation. That day we saw the whole threat to democracy in that act. ”

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