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Delta Variation: France is at risk of a curfew order. Countries that already have this in place are here

Rome, 19 July 2021 – Specter Curfew Govt returns oppositionEurope, And when England Goes against the wave and opens Independence DayProhibition rules to deal with boom here and there will reappear New infections are mainly caused by delta variation. At the height of the summer, the tourism sector was also in serious trouble Mykonos, Where additionally Night stop Decided 1 to 6 Prohibition to make music In clubs, with due respect to summer nightlife.

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மா France is also beginning to think about a night curfew order: Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Peon He told PFM TV that the re-imposition of curfew orders to prevent the spread of Govt-19 could not be ruled out. France, where Macron has extended the use of the Green Pass For bars and restaurants and many events (causing outrage Street protests) Reported yesterday 12,500 new cases The rapid spread of the delta variant of the corona virus exceeds the limit of 10,000 infections for the third day in a row.
Peon also said that the UK’s imposition of restrictions on travelers from France seemed “excessive”. “We do not consider the UK’s decision to be purely scientific, we consider it to be excessive,” Reuters said.

Health officials yesterday Catalonia – Remote and curfew orders reintroduced – Introduces a kind of health warning: Intensive care units are at risk of returning to full status Barcelona And in Catalan hospitals by the end of July. Other communities such as Galicia, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Madrid have also seen an increase in the number of ICU patients in the last 24 hours.
Curfew also ordered at the popular seaside resorts of Sidges and Salo.

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Except for the curfew order a Mykonos, The rules for going to Greece on vacation are very strict: adults who want to go to the Greek islands from July 5 must provide an anti-Govt vaccination certificate or a negative rapid cloth / antigen test or prove that they have recently recovered. Young people between the ages of 12 and 17 can travel with any test, including tests taken at home, while children under the age of 12 do not need any tests.

The move will not affect the islands of Uba, Lefkada and Salamis. The government is also considering introducing restrictions on intercontinental movements in Greece.

A five-hour night curfew and other restrictions have been imposed on Mykonos, one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations, due to the “worrying” rise in the Govt-19 cases. Local media reported that authorities had ordered a curfew of one to six and a ban on playing music in bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
The measures, as explained by Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nicos Hartalias, will take effect immediately and will last until July 26. “We urge our beautiful island residents, tourists and entrepreneurs to faithfully follow these steps so that the spread of the virus and mycosis can be brought back to normal quickly,” said Hardalias. The same deputy minister said on July 15 the number of active cases on the island had quadrupled, topping 300 in a week.

Curfew order from Mykonos to Spain. Traveling abroad is a dream come true

Since the beginning of July Strict rules for tourists Also in Portugal: Whether they are foreigners or Portuguese returning from abroad, they must present a negative test, vaccination certificate or proof of recent recovery to stay at the hotel. The same rule applies to other types of shelters, such as Airbnb. Over the weekend, 60 high-risk Govt locations, including Lisbon and Porto, require vaccination or recovery certification to enter restaurants.
Further The curfew order came into effect on July 2 – In Lisbon and Porto – Traffic is banned from 11pm to 5am. The opening hours of bars and restaurants already affected in Lisbon have been extended to 10.30pm on weekdays and 3.30pm on weekends for the other 16 municipalities.

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