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Attorney Christine Mosch on Bart de Pauw: "Seriestalker...

Attorney Christine Mosch on Bart de Pauw: “Seriestalker…

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“He was fully aware of his behavior and that in doing so he disturbed the peace of his victims and crossed the line,” said Professor Christine Moschi. “Even after the ladies sent the message that it should stop, it took a long time to fade and a lot of messages followed before it stopped completely.”

“their idol”

Civic parties Four actresses, two costumers and three (almost) trainees all communicated professionally with De Pauw.. “Almost all of the young women who were in the prime of their careers,” Mussche says. “They were in their early twenties, deliberately choosing a job in the media world and then being addressed in an inappropriate way, and unhealthy for them, by their boss, who was also their idol.”

Bart de Pau called them all a mouse, he always used the same words in his letters, as I recognized you, this has never happened to me before, it has happened to me, despair is possible, I hope not

Attorney Christine Moussa

The other four ladies mentioned in the file, but who are not civil parties, are also in their early twenties. “He was the boss. They were all very happy and satisfied to be able to work at De Pauw production house, the icon par excellence. They thought he had so much genius, so much talent, and it was a big dream come true for them. But then their boss addressed them in an inappropriate way. and unhealthy for them. They have a sense of uniqueness, that they are the chosen. They thought they were the chosen, but the file shows that similar messages were sent to many women at once. The ladies were self-reliant and fragile and could not respond to this.”

Master Kristen Mosch (right) and Anne Sophie Rice. © Oliver Matisse

Quote from Tom Leinerts

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Mussche also quoted Tom Lenaerts in court, who worked with Bart De Pauw for many years. “Any reasonable person knows where the limit is, it’s not that hard. The balance of power makes it difficult. When I address a young intern like this in my fifties, she should have slapped me in the face. But she doesn’t dare.”

“This demonstrates the vulnerability and dependence of the victims,” ​​Mussche says. “Di Bao knew that the way to deal with these particular youths was not correct, unacceptable and even a crime. But that didn’t stop him.”

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“They will never understand this.”

De Pauw sent several women “I’m dragging you into my misery, I have no sympathy,” as it turned out during Wednesday’s session. The investigative judge also noted during the investigation that women could not resist. Moch quotes this in her appeal. “The ladies were an interchangeable component of the same scenario,” she says. “He called them all the mouse, keep using the same wording in his posts, like I met youAnd This has never happened to me beforeAnd what happened to meAnd Despair is possible, hope is not. He also sent them CDs, poems and songs. He also begged them to be silent, though he said they had done nothing wrong, But they will never understand. Finally, he responded to their sense of responsibility and repeatedly indicated that he would consider leaving his family to the concerned ladies.”

According to Mosch, the women were all attacked by the bombardment of letters, often at night and sent into a drunken stupor. It started very soon after the collaboration began, was unexpected for the women and began to compliment with the message that he was madly in love. Soon it turned into sexual messages. He apologized, but immediately triggered new flattery messages or courtships. The investigative judge himself spoke of a pattern for the first time and asked Di Pauw during questioning how he thought the women might have reacted. He asked him: I was the woman’s employer, producer, director, or opponent, what could they have done?

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“Not for the money”

According to Mosch, there is a distinct form of harassment and De Pauw knowingly and willingly committed the acts. “The intense flow of messages, the content of the messages, the evening and night times to send the messages, the indirect cues of women – who often did not respond, indicated to their partner and their families and made clear that they wanted it between work and private life – but also direct cues that they were telling them to stop indefinitely. categorically indicating that he knew what he was doing.”

The women who have applied for civil applications “are not doing it for the money,” Moschie said. They are demanding a symbolic 1 euro compensation. They want to admit, that’s the only reason they’re here. They want to acknowledge the existence of aggressive criminal behavior.”

Bart needs help.

Mosch referred to a statement by actress Ella John Hannard. In 2017, she would have announced that she hoped the case would be resolved with appreciation. “Bart needs help,” Moschie quoted her as saying. “All the women’s desire for secrecy was expressed,” the lawyer said. They also seemed to recognize many of the good sides of De Pauw.

The lawyer also tried to explain that Di Pauw had already occupied a position of power vis-à-vis the women. For Mosh, saying ‘stop’ to someone ‘with . is certainly true Builds From Mr. De Pauw “It could have repercussions. He had a clear voice in hiring and payments,” she said. “They were hierarchical subordinates.”

Bart de Pauw enters the courtroom.

Bart de Pauw enters the courtroom. © Oliver Matisse

In addition, Mussche also emphasized that bourgeois parties are not the basis of the process. This process did not reach us and could have been avoided. Just acknowledging the misconduct that might be punished, the affirmation that it should not have happened and the assurances that it would not happen again could have been avoided.”

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According to Mussche, the reason De Pauw has not pleaded guilty is because he “didn’t want to mortgage his lawsuit against VRT”. The TV maker has already started civil proceedings in the Brussels court against public broadcasting. De Pauw believes that VRT has erroneously terminated its cooperation with him and is demanding €12 million in compensation for himself, his family and his company. “This is the only reason why people build their defenses in this way. It is quite clear.”

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Conspiracy theory

Mussche immediately attacked the defense’s conspiracy theory from the start of the trial. “His defense portrays women as untrustworthy and dishonest,” she said. The plot idea is weird, but I understand that people use this defense. They had to come up with an explanation for why so many people are being harassed.”

“But” the countless text messages and WhatsApp messages are consistent, the lawyer said. They speak volumes and multiple.” Moreover, after a telephone conversation, the investigative judge himself called more witnesses. The victims were said to not know each other.