June 24, 2024

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Jury member resigns after Rudy Giuliani reveals in The Masked Singer: 'I'm done with it'

Jury member resigns after Rudy Giuliani reveals in The Masked Singer: ‘I’m done with it’

At the beginning of the new season of the American version of disguised singer It has already been leaked that Rudy Giuliani’s participation caused panic on the set. Judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke are said to have left the stage in protest. There are now pictures. The episode in question appeared on Fox on Wednesday evening.

However, pre-rumors do not appear to coincide with the final images. It can be seen that singer Robin Thicke is famous for the knockout blurred lines, is surprised by his participation, but seems to want to adopt a more athletic stance. This is different with comedian Ken Jeong, who is known for his sitcom, among other things social communication And RemnantsMovies. Watched with amazement at the unveiling. When Giuliani starts singing again, you can hear Jeong saying, “I’m done.” It disappears in the wings.

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on ringtones bad for bones by George Thurgood and the Destroyers Giuliani gives one last blow. The other two judges, singer Nicole Scherzinger and Playboy model Jenny McCarthy, dance enthusiastically and cheer on Giuliani. Thicke stays out of the picture. He may have followed his teammate Jeong, but that cannot be inferred from the photos.

It is also not clear whether Pussy dollSinger Nicole Scherzinger knows the former New York mayor and Donald Trump’s lawyer. “Is that Robert Duvall?” She asked her fellow jurors right after taking off the mask. name of The Spiritual fatherThe actor has previously declined as a possibility. “No, that… not Robert Duvall,” Jeong replied, puzzled.

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Giuliani said that he took part in the famous program to show his granddaughter that “you have to experience everything in life, even the things that do not seem to you at first glance.”

vote fraud

The former politician has been poorly portrayed in recent years as a lawyer for former President Donald Trump. He repeated the baseless allegations that widespread electoral fraud was to be perpetrated in the 2020 presidential election. And he repeatedly backed out in court. The Disciplinary Committee of the New York Court of Appeals suspended Giuliani from practicing law. As a result, he is no longer allowed to plead in the state of New York.

After that, he had trouble again shooting the new Borate-Movie. In one sinister scene, he appears to be making headway with the fictional story of Borat’s daughter during an interview in his hotel room. The lawyer also had ambiguous relations in Ukraine during the Trump presidency.

From Sarah Palin to Conner Russo

In 2020, a controversial political rabbit is out of the hat. Then it turned out that Republican politician Sarah Palin was among the participants. Former Alaska Governor and Vice President nominee is listed as twerking And bear rap.

Back home, Vooruit Chairman Conner Russo stunned his friend and foe like a rabbit inside. disguised singer† He followed in the footsteps of Ostend Mayor Bart Tomlin, who participated in the first season of the Belgian edition. “I am young and there is more to life than just politics,” Rousseau said of his participation.

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Read also. Isn’t Connor Rousseau now taking the concept of “the politician in the popular program” to an unprecedented (low) level?