June 20, 2024

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Starting next week, several newcomers to the “Family”: “My haircut is not to my liking”

Starting next week, several newcomers to the “Family”: “My haircut is not to my liking”

Forget Carmen, from now on it’s Karen. In a gray wig that fans are divided about, Loes Van den Heuvel (66) will play a home nurse in the VTM series ‘Family’ from Monday. “A woman with a sensitive spiritual side. In particular, I found the latter very interesting,” says the actress.

Change is coming in the Coppins house. From now on, Alfons (Jaak Van Assche) will be taken care of by Karin Bloemaerts. But Alphonse soon discovers that Karen is more determined than Vanessa. He has no intention of making it easy for his new nurse. Loes has been on set for nearly four months, so he seems familiar already. “It was an adjustment in the beginning. Definitely the way the sets were set up in two studios, so filming could be done in two places at the same time,” it seems. It goes much faster than with FC champions. Then we can practice a lot and make adjustments so that you can put the text in your mouth. Now there is a lecture and after that it is already rapture. You have to be well prepared for today.”

She is still involved in family Loes did not expect. “It’s Jake’s fault. He dragged me into it,” the actress laughs. “Not that I immediately took the initiative. I just didn’t find it obvious Yes to say. But Jack convinced me to do a character sketch.” Karen is Vanessa’s understudy, who’s given a different position. “A sensitive, empathetic, caring woman. At the same time she has a spiritual side, which is why I found Karen so interesting. She also approaches her life from an alternate side. I myself am a soul.

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Completely different content

Loes is often seen in scenes with Alfons. “I don’t have much to do with Van den Bossches. It’s probably okay, I haven’t looked at him in the past family. I rarely watch TV. Don’t ask me about storylines. Although I did research, to know a little bit about the situation.”

Although she and Jack have worked for years, the scenes are very different in terms of content. “I got it like Carmen on my hip from Fernand. Then Jake played the annoying scrambler. Carmen reacted furiously. While things are going peacefully now.” The two have known each other for decades, which has its perks. “We need a few words to understand each other. We intuitively know quickly what the other person wants to say. With an unknown opponent, the question is always about what you can say or not.”

Exactly as in X mailboxin which she played editor-in-chief Adele Bloem, W.J FC champions Van den Heuvel again plays in a wig. “I don’t get tired of it, it’s part of the transformation. I have red hair myself, it just doesn’t suit Karen.” Loes helped shape her character. “I know there’s been a lot of criticism about this wig. I get it. It’s not flattering. But we found the gray hair and haircut to be perfect with this surrogate woman. Plus, it helps make viewers forget about Carmen. It might take viewers some Time for them to get used to the look, but we didn’t take any chances.”

The oldest TV series

Striking: When it was announced in January that Lou would star in the nation’s oldest soap opera, there was a remarkable amount of interest in the letter. It was even on the homepage of the VRT News website. “Since then, people have been asking me regularly when the time comes. I notice that this series really lives with a part of the audience.” At the moment, it is somewhat unclear how long Loes will play family. “I’ve been billed as a guest character for several months. I know I’m definitely going to stay on the right track until the end of the season, and then we’ll see.”

family Family Mondays are really welcome. Nico (Joe Haines) has recently been challenged by Bass (Thomas Cammaert) to a boxing match. But the latter can be replaced by someone who is not just a boxer. For the role of boxer Diego, Ton Haines, Joe’s brother in real life and a passionate boxer himself, was called.

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The long-running new role is that of Aurélie, a young woman who is stalked by her boyfriend and clearly deals with physical aggression. When she runs away from him, she ends up with Louise, who takes care of her. This has far-reaching consequences. Actress Ninalotte Roose is a model but you can also recognize her from the series 2 decitus And the movie Bittersweet Sixteen.