March 25, 2023

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Tom Hanks Award for Worst Acting Performance

Tom Hanks has already won an Academy Award twice (vs Forest Gump And Philadelphia). There are now two opposite Razzies. These awards highlight the saddest films and acting performances. Hanks earned the dubious honor of his supporting role as Colonel Parker in the biopic Elvis.

On the eve of the Academy Awards, the Golden Raspberry Awards—Razzies for short—are presented annually. Since 1981, parodying the most prestigious film awards, they have highlighted the most miserable achievements of the past year.

Every actor sometimes makes mistakes and puts themselves in a bad movie. However, Tom Hanks himself has always stayed away from the Razzie crossover, despite films featuring him such as The fire of vanity And Circle Received one or more nominations.

But Hanks has been there this year, and three times at once. They both shine in Pinocchio (not to be confused with the acclaimed Stop-Motion movie Guillermo del Toro also released last year) as his supporting actor in the biopic Elvis They are nominated. He was also a competitor in the “Worst Fencing” category, ahead of him and his “latex-laden face (and ridiculous accent)”. No, my price Elvis Hanks now effectively staggered.

blond, the movie about Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas as an Oscar contender, was voted worst movie. The script was also awarded. Jared Leto can call himself the worst actor thanks Morbius.


Razzies primarily aim to be fun, but this year the initiative took a sour taste when 12-year-old Ryan Kira Armstrong was nominated for her leading role in Razzies. fire starter. The idea of ​​bringing the big names back down to earth just didn’t feel right for a young actress early in her career. Online reactions have not been soft.

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Realizing the mistake, the organization removed Armstrong from the list and put themselves in his place. She has now awarded herself the prize for this blunder.

Three actors have been nominated for the same role three times for an Oscar and Razzie. It last happened two years ago. Glenn Close was then in her supporting role Hillbilly Epitaph A contender for both awards (but won neither). Above all, it proves how self-recognition can be, just as the lack of it can be.

In 1996, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven was the first to actually receive his award. Beat about his direction show girls. Later, Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock, among others, also did it.