June 14, 2024

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Rob De Nijs suffered a pulmonary embolism in April: ‘It slipped through my fingers’ |  showbiz

Rob De Nijs suffered a pulmonary embolism in April: ‘It slipped through my fingers’ | showbiz

showbizHenriëtte de Nijs, wife of Dutch folk singer Rob de Nijs, has given an update on her husband’s health. According to Henriette, her husband was suffering from “severe pulmonary embolism”. It didn’t matter much,” said the woman in Dutch Tijd voor MAX on NPO 1.

look. Rob de Nijs’ last performance at Sportpaleis.

“It slipped through my fingers,” the Dutch singer’s wife now looks back. “Rob isn’t breathing anymore.” Additionally, at a certain point, Henriëtte could no longer feel her husband’s heartbeat. “That was a horror.” Henriëtte remembers well how she then called the emergency services. “I told the lady on the phone, ‘It’s not okay.'” When employee Henriëtte continued to ask questions, she panicked. Then she really exclaimed: “It slips out from under my hands.” Something must be done now.”

Not long after, emergency services were on the scene and Rob was taken to the hospital. Although the wife of the Dutch singer still does not know what exactly is going on. It was only during the night that she was told that her husband had a serious pulmonary embolism. “It didn’t make much difference.”


The singer, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, was hospitalized with breathing problems on Thursday, April 20. De Nijs was picked up by an ambulance after he became unwell in front of the TV. His wife, Henriëtte Koetschruiter, first used oral resuscitation at home. Later that evening, de Nijs recovered and was conscious. Soon after, his condition deteriorated and his family was asked to come to him. About six days after his hospitalization, word came that the singer was out of danger. On Wednesday, May 3, the Dutchman was finally allowed to leave the hospital.

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