May 24, 2024

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Hugo is a fighter about Nicole's cancer: "We're going until...

Hugo is a fighter about Nicole’s cancer: “We’re going until…

Nicole and Hugo went through a difficult period of several months. Nicole is back again fifteen years after she first had breast cancer. “Fortunately, we were fast and Nicole didn’t get chemotherapy, which makes it more likely,” Hugo says.

These are bad times for Nicole (74) and Hugo (73), the singer-songwriter who has been one of Flanders’ most popular and beloved duo for years. In January, Nicole lost her mother in the middle of the Corona virus and in the middle of her treatment for cancer. A diagnosis that the couple got already at the beginning of 2019. After a persistent cold during a vacation in Austria, Nicole decided to knock on the doctor’s door. The doctor was not completely satisfied and referred her for further examinations. Then it turned out that the cancer Nicole faced 15 years ago that led to her mastectomy was back.

“I won’t tell you much about it, it’s bad enough,” says Hugo, who is visibly impressed. “We were there early, we heard from the doctors. No metastases. This is another stroke of luck.”

That doesn’t change the fact that the couple has been living in limbo for months. “Fortunately, Nicole does not have to have chemotherapy, which makes her feel relatively well. She only takes pills and she responds very well to this medication. So we are optimistic.” Nicole also doesn’t get hurt, but as Hugo said: You never know cancer.

Despite their problems, they are trying to enjoy themselves together this summer: “Next week we are going to Saint-Tropez for ten more days. We went there for a while in July. We have been to the same hotel on the Azure coast for 43 years. We are at home there We knew the grandparents and the parents, and now the children are running the company. You will please Nicole. We drive there in a couple of days, Nicole can handle that perfectly. But first, of course, a visit to the doctor to make sure everything is OK.”

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