April 21, 2024

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Author Bart Plover dies, 70

Author Bart Plover dies, 70

Bart Bluvier, a pseudonym for Bart van Charen, made his debut in 1987 with a collection of short stories “De maquette,” but this debut was preceded by a life full of vigour. Before that, Bluvier was a popular musician, among other things, and in the 1970s he made a living as a waiter, gardener, construction worker, factory worker, cook, beer guest, Bobbejaanland musician, … In the early 1980s, Bluvier began working as a sailor in Sea tug and began writing.

“The sun is raining copper nails”

Bluvier created a variety of works, ranging from novels to short stories, theater texts, children’s books, and poetry. In recent years, and more specifically since his retirement, Louvier has focused primarily on his poetry. His last poetry collections were published by publishers on Friday. His last collection of poems, The Sun Raining Copper Nails, was published last summer.

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Louvier has won numerous nominations and literary awards over the years. In 1995, he made the longlist for the AKO Prize for Literature with “Het gelag”. He was awarded the Lode Baekelmans Prize in both 1994 and 2000 and was awarded the Provincial Prize for Literature in East Flanders Province in 2003 for his travel story collection Het land van tante Marie.

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