October 2, 2023

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Carys Van Houten is arrested, Halle Berry is furious, and Hugh Jackman is single again

Carys Van Houten is arrested, Halle Berry is furious, and Hugh Jackman is single again

He was arrested during a climate activist protest

Carice van Houten, Dutch actress

“I got on the bus, and it was like a ten-minute school trip.” This is how Dutch actress Carice van Houten described the trip on the police bus. Van Houten, known for her role in the TV series game of thrones, took part in a climate activist demonstration led by Extinction Rebellion in The Hague this weekend. The actress was arrested and spoke about it on the podcast, Beep Talk and Friends. “They took us to the police station and then said: You can all come back,” she said.

Angry at Drake for using the photo without asking

Halle Berry, American actress

“Sometimes you have to be the bigger man…even if you’re a woman.” American actress Halle Berry posted this vague message on her Instagram page. The answers she provided to a fan’s comment showed why: Berry isn’t happy with the image Canadian rapper Drake used in his latest single “Slime You Out,” an image of Halle Berry when she got slime on her in Nickelodeon Kids. Choice Awards in 2012. “Drake didn’t have my permission,” she wrote. “It’s not great, I thought it was better than this.”

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh JackmanPhoto by Ivan Agostini/Invision/AP

Single again after a 27-year relationship

Hugh Jackman, Australian actor

Hugh Jackman (54 years old) and Deborra-Lee Furness (67 years old) have separated. The two popular Australian actors announced their split on Friday. On the set of the Australian TV series Corelli (1995), sparks immediately flew between Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness. The two married in April 1996 and soon adopted two children: Oscar (now 23) and Ava (18). But their fairytale is now coming to an end after 27 years. “Our journey is now changing and we have decided to separate to continue our individual growth,” the statement read.

Under fire after racist comments

Jann Wenner, media mogul

What should have been some kind of promotional talk – an interview with New York times In response to his book Gentlemen – It turned into a nightmare for Jann Wenner. Although this is mainly his fault, after answering the question of why he didn’t interview black male or female artists. Briefly, he replied that he did not find it interesting enough. These statements caused a storm of protest, after which the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which Weiner helped found, removed him from the board of directors.

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