May 28, 2024

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Backbone comes with a controller for Android smartphones

Backbone comes with a controller for Android smartphones

Backbone gaming company announced a console for Android phones. It’s a workhorse thanks to the USB-C connection. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can instantly equip your phone with a way to listen to audio with wired earphones.

one backbone

the games On a smartphone is fine by itself, but you’re at the mercy of the whims that sometimes come with a touchscreen. You miss the ability to tap buttons and it’s best not to throw your phone into a corner in frustration. There is a hybrid, that is, in the form of a console for your smartphone. There are several of them, but the Backbone One is a new one that gives you buttons, so you no longer have to use your touchscreen to play a game, so games feel more natural.

Backbone is an application that allows you to play games, and therefore the Backbone One is equipped with a special button that opens the Backbone application in one go. This way you can play games right away, but also quickly create screenshots and videos of your gameplay. There was already a controller for iOS before and there is no design difference between the iPhone variant and the Android variant. The iPhone version is also available in the PlayStation version, while this does not apply to this new version.

Games on Android

The console is primarily marketed as a device that allows you to play one of the most popular video games to appear on mobile, namely Call of Duty: Mobile. The controller has low latency, which means that feedback from the device comes through almost instantly and there are fewer stutters.

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The Backbone One controller costs $120 and works on Android phones running Android 8.0 and up.

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