July 20, 2024

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Banksy wall art in Ukraine

Banksy wall art in Ukraine

In Hostomel, near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, a group of people cut artwork by British graffiti artist Banksy from a wall. The police caught them red-handed.

The suspects, who ranged in age from 27 to 60, had removed plaster from the wall on which the drawing was placed.

According to Ukrainian media, the suspects told the police that they wanted to sell the artwork, which was discovered last month, to donate its proceeds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The drawing depicts a woman in a bathrobe and gas mask, holding a fire extinguisher and standing on a chair by the window of a damaged building.

Photo: Reuters

The region’s governor, Oleksiy Kuleba, told Telegram the business was not damaged. “After all, these images are symbols of our fight against the enemy,” he says. “They are stories of support and solidarity of the entire civilized world for Ukraine. We will do everything we can to keep them as a symbol of our victory.

Banksy, whose true identity remains a mystery, confirmed it on November 14 Art Newspaper He painted seven murals in different places in Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv and places close to Kyiv such as Irpin and Borodyanka.

Last month, the artist released a video of his work in Ukraine.

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