April 17, 2024

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Bard AI has been criticized by Google employees

Bard AI has been criticized by Google employees

Little was spared from the once untouchable search giant Google, as ChatGPT had acquired hundreds of millions of users in a matter of months. ChatGPT’s intended competitor, Bard, has proven a failure, according to the staff.

cool “worse than useless”

Googlers aren’t shy about using strong pejorative terms to criticize Bard. This is how the terms “boring-worthy” and “worse than useless” appeared. According to a leaked internal report, he gauged feedback within the company before officially launching Ai outside of Google. Terms that do not lie, which gives the impression that the atmosphere inside the search giant is terrible, according to A message From the American news site Bloomberg.

This is not entirely irrational. There has been a big round of layoffs, which is probably also why this report was made public.

Google’s Bard seems to sing just like the anti-hero Cacofonix from the Asterix comics. Source Immanuel Giel, photo of a mural in Ludwigshafen, Germany (CC-BY-3.0)

Haggles for misinformation

Google is in a rush to release Bard, as more and more Google users are now turning to Microsoft’s rival search site Bing. Google hopes to stop this process in time. Unfortunately, the largest search engine is not doing very well. Because according to internal reports, Ai was a “pathological liar,” Bard wouldn’t be unique. ChatGPT also has a knack for shooting occasionally and defending wrong answers.

Bloomberg interviewed 18 current and former Google employees who agreed. According to them, Google has thrown all precautions to the wind since the launch of ChatGPT and they have done everything they can to show Bard AI to the general public as soon as possible. With this, Google is clearly deviating from the “do no evil” principle popularized from the early years.

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A cautious approach breaks Google

Given the huge risks associated with advanced artificial intelligence, Google has always been very careful and conservative. This now seems to be breaking up the company and all sails are now being used to catch up. Whether or not Google will succeed is exciting. This caution has fostered a conservative corporate culture in which progress is much slower. Grapes are particularly sour at Google, because ChatGPT is based in part on open source software based on Google.

On the other hand, Google employees are known to be very critical and morally demanding.