April 16, 2024

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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone looks inspired by Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown • Gaming Nation

Once a data miner dug into the Battlefield 2042 technical test files and discovered some details about the situation of the mysterious danger zone.

DICE announced earlier this year that Battlefield 2042 won’t get a single player mode, but three different multiplayer modes. Among them, All-Out Warfare is the mode most Battlefield players are familiar with and Portal seems to be a great mode for tough fans, but Hazard Zone has remained a big question mark even today.

The well-known data miner Temporyal has rummaged through the game’s technical test files and discovered some potential details of the Hazard Zone mode.

As some leaks have pointed out, Hazard Zone appears to take inspiration from Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown, with gear going and the possibility of death and loss of your gear. The mode does not have its own folder as previously thought. Instead, it happens on modified versions of the game’s existing maps, or at least some of them. Temporyal found the Hazard Zone variant of Orbital (the map used in the test) and it appears that there are many more maps available.

The PvEvP mode puts players with a Little Bird helicopter in the danger zone, tasked with gathering information from crashed data engines and satellites. This setting was recently suggested displacement An in-game short film, which has been plagued by some elements of the larger conflict.

Throughout the map, you’ll encounter AI enemies on patrol, and they can even summon reinforcements. As in Tarkov, AI chiefs will also emerge as one of the biggest targets in the danger zone.

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There are also other points of interest in the maps such as ammo stash and uplinks that allow you to summon your own reinforcements such as the Ranger robot dog, ATV, and more. The data miner has found evidence of redeployment, but it’s not clear how it fits into the bigger picture.

Dead players lose their gear, but then again, it’s not really clear if that means a permanent loss or if their character will die. There is a gear locking upgrade that protects against that, according to the datamin. Temporyal has dug up 11 more upgrades, which add starter armor/ammo, faster healing, additional intel storage, longer detection time, and more. As you play, you will earn Danger Zone currency that will likely be used to purchase those perks and upgrade weapons and gadgets.

Players exit the map in the same way as The Division’s Dark Zone, summoning a salvage helicopter in designated areas. Fail to extract if you miss the chopper.

It goes without saying that you should take all of this with a grain of salt. Datamines do not always give an accurate picture of reality and the information found may be related to obsolete or evolving functionality. In fact, many of Battlefield 5’s special Temporyal finds never made it into the game, despite being incorporated into the code.

DICE said that the Hazard Zone will be revealed as the game’s launch approaches. With the beta starting in September and the game launching in October, it won’t be long before we learn more about it.

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Battlefield 2042 releases October 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, and consoles.