February 21, 2024

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Baz Luhrmann Explains Why He Didn't Choose Harry Styles to Star in 'Elvis' |  showbiz

Baz Luhrmann Explains Why He Didn’t Choose Harry Styles to Star in ‘Elvis’ | showbiz

Playing the main role in a film about Elvis Presley, many young actors were clearly interested in him. Myles Teller and Harry Styles, among others, auditioned for the role that eventually went to Austin Butler. On the podcast “Fitzy & Wippa,” director Baz Luhrmann was asked about these upbeat actors. “First of all, I’m not taking the test,” the manager said. “I do very intense workshops. I will only talk about Harry now, because he has talked about Harry himself recently.” According to Luhrmann, Styles’ rejection had nothing to do with his acting skills. “He’s a very talented actor. But the real problem with Harry is that he’s Harry Styles. He really is an icon.”

Luhrmann continued, “I think Harry and I found each other. He was really desperate to put on this outfit and go exploring. He’s a great guy, and I only have good things to say.” He said the rejection didn’t hit Harry Styles either. “Elvis was probably the first guy I knew when I was a little kid, apart from my family,” the Sugar Melon singer said. “It felt so incredibly sacred that I really felt compelled to audition. I was so intrigued. But I think when the director feels that I’m not the best person for the role, it’s better for him and better for me. If they think someone else is better for me. For the part, I don’t want to do it again. I don’t want to be the version that isn’t good enough.”

“Elvis” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last month. The film will be shown in cinemas in our country on June 22.

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