February 27, 2024

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“Belgian of the Year” award goes to TikTok journalist Jonas Lips (25 years old): “She really has it all” |  local

“Belgian of the Year” award goes to TikTok journalist Jonas Lips (25 years old): “She really has it all” | local

TikTok journalist Jonas Lips (25) sees many iconic personalities passing through social media. However, he managed to select a few candidates from a list of 100 people who he believed had a chance of becoming “Belgian of the Year”. Jonas chose a young man who is not without mention in the top 3 list: “He often raises controversy in politics and the media.”

Gilles de Keyser

Jonas gives third place to a young man who has appeared in the media several times this year and is famous among young audiences on the video platform YouTube. Nathan Vandergest, known online as Acid, often causes controversy, according to Jonas, but according to the TikTok journalist, we should not forget an important fact: “He is popular with many people and is often the voice of a feeling that is often felt. ” In the community.”

Sarcasm in pictures

Next and second place goes to Lips, the guy who mocked politicians on Instagram last year. “Elizabeth Lucy Peyton deserves second place for me. She makes fun of politics, and all politicians should believe that. And on top of that, she’s also very funny,” Jonas says.

a hand worker

It’s difficult to describe Jonas’ “Belgian of the Year” in one word. For him, singer and actress Pomilian Theis comes first. “She released an album this year, makes her own clothes and stars in the hit series Knokke Off,” Lips says. Moreover, she sings about socially relevant topics. “She actually has it all,” says Jonas Lips.

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Vote here for your favorite compatriot and decide who will be the “Belgian of the Year 2023”.

Jonas Lips chooses “Belgian of the Year”. © HLN Fotomontage / Gregory van Ganssen / Photo News