February 28, 2024

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Mark Cook “In the Middle” with Geert Verhulst: “The Woman’s Issue” – Offside

Mark Cook “In the Middle” with Geert Verhulst: “The Woman’s Issue” – Offside

Two of the most successful entrepreneurs in our country are undoubtedly Mark Cook and Geert Verhulst. The owner of Anderlecht Club is active in dozens of other companies besides football. The two now had a “heavy” clash in private.

common factor

What Verhulst and Coucke have in common is, in addition to enormous wealth, also the enjoyment the two get from being on television. The Samson&Gert owner has had his own talk show on Play4 for a while now with De Tafel van Gert.

Coucke is also not averse to a bit of the entertainment industry. He has already appeared in The Masked Singer as Colonel Mops and we also saw him in Eric Goens’ Het Huis.

Love of music

But the two also have a great love for music. For example, Verhulstjes recently recorded a Christmas single and it contained a particular line that went wrong with Anderlecht’s owner.

“Are we going to be Christmas presents from each other? No stockings, perfume, or wine for me this year. I’ll unwrap you, you’ll wrap me up.” This is what it sounded like on the single. Which Coucke promptly and cleverly responded to with this post on Instagram, of course in a funny way so as not to see my wife’s (who has her own perfume line) perfume sales drop as the holidays approach:

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