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Belgium 39th fastest internet ranking: How do you test your connection?  What about the different service providers?  |  MyGuide

Belgium 39th fastest internet ranking: How do you test your connection? What about the different service providers? | MyGuide

mytelcoFast and Stable Internet: You take it for granted, until, of course, your connection fails. It has now become a must-have, not only for leisure activities, such as gaming or streaming movies and series, but also for those who work from home or have regular virtual meetings. With these essential tips from Make sure your internet is fast enough.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco


What is the internet speed in Belgium?

According to the specialized site, Belgium ranks 39th in the world in the ranking of countries with the fastest Internet. The average download speed in our country is 55 Mbps, and the average upload speed is 11 Mbps. The delay on each connection is about 24ms.

Interesting data on various providers in our country are also available. Telenet/BASE can call itself the fastest internet provider today, with an average download speed of 70 Mbps, followed by Proximus and Orange, with average speeds of 66 Mbps and 39 Mbps. Furthermore, Telenet seems to be the most consistent provider. We usually find the fastest internet in the Antwerp and Ghent regions.

Savings tip: With an internet subscription from this list, you can save up to 300 € per year.

What is your internet speed?

The easiest way to find out if your internet connection is up to expectations is to run a speed test. There are countless websites available where you can test your internet connection speed for free.

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If your internet connection is indeed slower than what your subscription indicates, it is a good idea to report this to your internet provider and possibly switch if no solution is found.

Take the tests at different times of the day and several times a week: Our tips for the right speed test.

How do you choose the perfect subscription?

Sometimes a slow internet connection is simply due to a low speed internet plan. In this case, it is recommended to switch to a subscription with higher speeds. In general, a speed of 100 Mbps is enough to surf the web, read emails, download files and stream HD movies without any problems.

However, if you want to stream movies and series, play games and download files on different devices at the same time, your current subscription may not be enough, and it is necessary to upgrade to a higher speed. So it is important to check your personal usage needs when it comes to internet speed and choose the right subscription accordingly.

With internet speeds up to 1Gbps subscribed, you’re in anyway. Today, only Telenet, Orange and Mobile Vikings offer Internet subscriptions with speeds up to 1Gbps. Telenet and Orange do this over the “traditional” cable network, Mobile Vikings over the fiber network. To be able to surf the latest network, you need a fiber optic connection, which is not yet available everywhere. It is being put forward by various operators in full swing.

Differences of up to tens of euros per month: These are the cheapest internet subscriptions with high download speed.

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Are there other reasons for slow internet?

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds that aren’t due to your plan, there are other possible causes, such as problems with your internet modem. Resetting the modem may solve the problem. A new modem can also do wonders for your internet connection. Always check first if your device needs software updates and if there are viruses on your device that slow down your internet connection. Regular virus scanning can solve this problem.

advice: In any case, it is still useful to determine your internet usage and choose the appropriate internet subscription accordingly. Various formats are available, with speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 1Gbps. With our comparison below, you can easily check which subscription works best for you at the lowest possible price.


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