May 26, 2024

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The era of Nuraphone is over – TechPulse

The era of Nuraphone is over – TechPulse

Denon has acquired Australian headphone manufacturer Nura. This concludes the journey of the innovative audio manufacturer that put “personalization” first.

Nura was founded in 2015 with the goal of making audio products more personal. Part of the job was to enable the extensive and unique customization of the audio file. The first product from the Australian manufacturer followed in 2017: Nuraphone. The Kickstarter campaign raised US$1.8 million in 2017, making the brand the most successful Australian Kickstarter ever.

In the years since, the manufacturer has brought customization technology to earbuds like the NuraLoop, NuraBuds, and NuraTrue (Pro). However, these product launches are now coming to an end: the manufacturer has been acquired by Masimo, Denon’s parent company. in press release The manufacturer writes that the Nura technology is “the perfect complement to Denon’s mission to expand human experiences through audio innovation.”

So it doesn’t look like Noura will continue to exist as a brand. We find confirmation of this in the offers that Nura is currently offering on her online store. Many products are not already available. Local retailers such as HiFi Klubben, which is based in the Netherlands, no longer have Nura products in stock.

Integration into Masimo AAT

So Nura technology will be given a new place. Denon reports that it will release the first products based on its technology called Masimo AAT (Adaptive Audio Technology) in mid-2023. Like the Nura technology, the AAT protocol aims to create customized audio profiles.

It is not known what the consequences of Denon’s acquisition of Nura will be for existing users. TechPulse asked a Masimo contact about the future of Nura products.

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