March 4, 2024

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Belgium has been in code orange since midnight: These Corona measures are disappearing

Belgium has been in code orange since midnight: These Corona measures are disappearing

The switch to code orange comes as hospitalization rates continue to drop. However, one of the two defined thresholds has yet to be met. According to the Corona Scale, there should be a maximum of 150 hospital admissions per day due to Covid-19, Yesterday we were still hitting 246 records per day† Experts helping the government, I think relaxation actually comes very early

This means the orange code:

Catering: Mouth mask and ballrooms do not open at closing hours

• If the scale says “orange,” you can drop your dancing legs again: Discos and discotheques have been allowed to reopen since midnight on February 18, with a 70 percent limit. With very good ventilation, that’s one hundred percent.

• The corona aisle must still be shown at the entrance to the ballrooms. Mouth masks are no longer mandatory, only for employees.

• Closing hours will also disappear in cafes and restaurants and you can sit or stand at the table – or the bar – with as many friends as you want. Customers can also leave a mouth mask at home, but employees are still required to wear a mouth mask.

• Covid Safe Ticket remains mandatory in the food industry, always from the inside and 100 people outside.

General Activities: Almost complete halls

• In the theatre, cinema, at a seated concert or at a sports match indoors, a mouth mask remains mandatory, but if supporters are standing outdoors, it is only recommended if social distancing can be ensured.

• 70 per cent of the cinema, theater hall, stadium, festival square or concert hall can no longer be filled, with a symbol orange 80 per cent of the seats can be filled. With very good air quality, just like in the red icon, it’s also about 100 percent of maximum occupancy.

• An indoor concert where people stand and/or dance – or any “dynamic indoor activity” – may happen again, unlike Code Red, but using Covid Safe Ticket, optional antigen testing and staff mouth masks. Just like in discos, a maximum occupancy of 70 percent applies here.

• The Covid Safe Ticket remains mandatory, from 50 people inside and 100 people outside.

The measures come into effect on February 18.rv . picture

Leisure activities: mouth mask – sometimes – unwanted

• For recreational activities, almost the same rules apply for Code Orange as for Code Red. The mouth mask may go away, unless in places where the mouth mask obligation “applies to the rest of society”. In other words: If you use public transportation with Scouts, you should still wear a mouth mask.

• Indoor activities can be conducted with a maximum of 200 people. There are no longer any restrictions on the ability of outdoor activities. The coronary pass option remains possible for 50 people. The strong recommendation for self-testing for children who go to camp remains. An adult self-test is also recommended, but not required.

Another relaxation

The barometer provides a clear perspective when switching from one stage to the next. But in addition to this, there are a number of other measures that are not included in the barometer

• The mouth mask obligation for children under 12 will disappear, but only as of tomorrow, February 19th. This also applies in primary schools. Flemish Education Ministers Ben Waits (Northern Virginia) and Youth Benjamin Dahl (CD&V) among others wanted to get rid of this.

• Telecommuting is no longer an obligation, but a recommendation. As of today, everyone will be able to work freely in the workplace again. Companies can also organize team building and other events.

• In addition, shopping for a maximum of two people will also disappear. Night shops closing time has been cancelled.

• From the beginning of March, the Covid Safe Ticket for adults will only turn green with a booster dose, unless the primary vaccination is more than five months old. This does not apply to young people: since there is not yet a European license for a booster dose for minors, they will continue to have the Corona Green Pass with only the basic vaccination.

travel rules

Travel rules are also modified. The color code of the country of origin is no longer taken into account for arriving travelers. Persons who do not have their main place of residence in Belgium and who are traveling to our country from EU countries, Schengen countries or other countries, must from now on have a valid vaccination, test or refund certificate. Rules for high-risk areas and essential and non-essential travel, as well as the 48-hour rule and exceptions for categories such as carriers and border workers, will continue to apply.

In line with the European Council Recommendation 107/22 2022 and the evolution of the global distribution of omicrons, the Advisory Committee also decided to adapt the certifications as follows:

Vaccination certificate for incoming travelers is valid for 270 days with basic vaccination and unlimited with booster vaccination.

The test certificate will be valid for 24 hours for a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). Note: Only RATs accredited at the European level are eligible. PCR tests are valid for 72 hours.

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