June 18, 2024

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Berlin mayor ambushed during 'deep fake' conversation with Kyiv colleague Klitschko

Berlin mayor ambushed during ‘deep fake’ conversation with Kyiv colleague Klitschko

The former boxer and the mayor of Kyiv Klitschko demanded an investigation. © EPA-EFE

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, inadvertently deceived many European mayors with so-called “deep fake” videos. They thought they were talking to Klitschko via video chat, but the photos were fake. They only realized this when they suddenly began to receive strange questions from the Ukrainian mayor.

In Germany, an investigation is already underway regarding a person who, with the help of “deep fake” technology, pretended to be Klitescu to Berlin Mayor Franziska Jaffe. Police suspect that the motive behind the incident is political.

According to the mayor’s spokeswoman, the first fifteen minutes of the conversation were proceeding normally, but topics that aroused suspicion in the mayor were discussed.

“The first quarter of the hour was completely unremarkable,” said Jeffrey’s spokeswoman Lisa Frerich. About the video call, she says, “Mr. Klitschko asked the presumed how many Ukrainian refugees were in Berlin, how we dealt with them, what the numbers were…a perfectly normal conversation, as we expected.”

LGBT Parade in Kyiv

But then themes appeared that aroused suspicion. For example, the man, who looks like Klitschko, wanted to know if many Ukrainians in Germany were trying to get social benefits. He also asked if Berlin could advise and assist Kyiv in organizing a gay parade. “A strange question for the mayor of the capital of a country at war,” Frereich says. Then cut jiffy.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany later confirmed that Jevi had not spoken to Klitschko and so it is possible that deepfakes were involved.

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Madrid Mayor spokesman Jose Luis Martinez Almeida confirmed that he had been contacted by the fake Klitschko. Also cut off the call.

It is not known who is behind the scam.

Berlin Mayor Franziska Jaffee has already said that she really wants to talk to her colleague from Kyiv as soon as possible. But then via a secure line.