January 31, 2023

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Best apps to save fuel costs

Best apps to save fuel costs

It’s been a thorn in every motorist’s side lately: driving near a gas station. The large numeric tag shows insanely high numbers for fuel costs. Could this not be a little less? If you play it smart, yes. Fortunately, there is help in the form of apps that help you save on a full tank.

1. Save on refueling

leave your nearest gas station Lie left, don’t go to your favorite place where they have those delicious sandwiches: When it comes to refueling on the cheap, there’s a good chance you’ll have to switch to a gas station where you don’t usually come (often). These apps will help you figure out the best place to drive for a little more affordable packing in no time at all.

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2. Tamuel

Where most of the apps are particularly useful because they show how high fuel prices are, the Tamoil app is there to save you money instantly. You log into this app with your Tamoil account and you will then receive a discount of 1 euro cent per liter for each fuel refill. Sometimes the price reaches 5 cents per liter, but this only happens in such prominent stages as refueling for the first time with Tamoil or after refueling 350 liters. Before refueling, do not forget to indicate in the application that you will refuel and where, specifically with the pump. The discount will automatically appear in the app after you refuel.

3. 1-2-3 refueling

People who like to go to Germany, for example to shop because they live near them or go out with friends, will benefit from free refueling. Unfortunately, this app is only focused on Germany, because it is very useful and we would have liked to see it for the Netherlands as well. You search based on the fuel you use and then see where you can go to the gas stations. Please note: There is no daily fuel price in Germany, so when the fuel price is cheap in a particular place in the morning, it may be different in the afternoon.

1-2-3 Refueling: Benzinpreise geglechen intelligent

4. ANWB on the way

Ask a regular Dutch person what app they use while driving and there’s a good chance it’s called the free ANWB Weg. It makes sense, because you will find a lot of useful information there: parking spaces, charging stations and gas stations are presented in a way that is clear to you. At gas stations, the price per liter of the substance entering the fuel tank is also displayed. If you are not good with numbers, there is also a color display where the color shows how high the price is compared to other gas stations.

ANWB On The Road & Roadside Assistance

ANWB On The Road & Roadside Assistance

ANWB Route app gives you everything you need on the road: current traffic information, ANWB file alert in case of delays on saved routes, route planner, pa..

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5. Direct tank service

Don’t expect it right away, but rental company DirectLease has an incredibly easy-to-use fuel app. You don’t need to rent a car at all, because everyone can use this app for free. Here too, colors are used to show the price of diesel and gas, since you basically have to look for green or blue spots. Comprehensive information about gas stations can be found, including opening times, whether they are manned or unmanned and whether there is a car wash. Also useful: petrol stations in Belgium are also shown.

Google Maps

Abroad you can Google Maps See what fuel prices are. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in the Netherlands at the moment, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was soon. It is possible for neighboring countries Belgium and Germany. You can find fuel prices by searching the map for gas stations. Then it indicates the gas stations in the area on the map with the price of fuel. It is hoped that this feature will reach the Netherlands soon because it is very useful.

Maps: navigation and public transportation

Maps: navigation and public transportation

Google Maps is Google’s app when it comes to maps. Google Maps has detailed maps from all over the world where it is easy to find a local bed..

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Do you use apps to refuel cheaper and does that work well? We’d love to hear your savings stories in the comments below this article.

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