May 28, 2024

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Best Buy Guide for Desktop Computers – Tweakers

Best Buy Guide for Desktop Computers – Tweakers

In this new edition of our desktop best buy guide, we’ve brought two systems together with the community. For some time now we’ve not only been putting it together, but also supplying components, building systems and scaling them. This way we can give you better advice, because component incompatibilities, component space shortages and other problems you may encounter will appear. Additionally, you get an impression of the performance you can expect from the suggested PC hardware.

This time we put together a gaming system and workstation: The mainstream gaming system has been refreshed, but it is still capable of playing 1080p at higher frame rates or gaming at 1440p. The Workstation may look very fancy, but it is mainly for serious work. For example, you should be able to use it for the most demanding photo and video editing, rendering 3D models or doing a lot of development. For a gaming system, we spent about a thousand euros on this version, while it still has an impressive 6700 XT video card. We kept a budget of more than three times that amount for a workstation, but you also get plenty of computing power from both the CPU and GPU in return. We built and benchmarked both systems, focusing primarily on gaming performance for gaming PCs, and sending some of the most demanding, computing-intensive tasks to the workstation. We also measured computing power, power consumption, and noise production.

As usual, the DBBG systems have been put together in consultation with the Tweakers community. On the topic of Gathering or Tweakers, everyone can give their opinion on the ideal system. The BBG team posts proposals for systems in the Complete Systems & Laptops forum a few weeks prior to publication. And then all visitors to the forum can give their opinion and discuss the changes. Then we export the components, build the systems, and run standards on them.

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Prices for different parts are retrieved in real time from Pricewatch and are therefore subject to change. Prices are specified in tables at the time of publication. All prices include VAT.