June 2, 2023

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Spotify is soon going to make a big change and it will change the way you store your favorite songs

The well-known heart symbol will soon disappear from Spotify. The music streaming service is changing the way you can store or add your favorite songs and podcasts to a playlist. You will soon be able to do all of these things with a single + button.

Currently, the heart icon on Spotify adds songs to your favorites list, also known as your Likes list. To save podcast episodes, on the other hand, you have the + icon. Finally, you can click the Add to button in Settings to add songs to playlists.

These are the three functions that Spotify now combines into one and the same button, i.e. the + symbol. As a result, the famous heart disappears from the app.


If you press the plus (+) sign, you can choose the destination of any song, album, playlist or podcast with a simple click and save it there. This way you will Spotify They claim to make the user experience more intuitive. It should also save time because you can add songs to multiple playlists at once. The songs and podcasts you previously saved in the previous way will, of course, remain in your favorites or playlist.


The change is currently being rolled out to users worldwide on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and will be available to all Spotify users in the coming weeks.

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