March 4, 2024

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Biden pledges US military protection of Taiwan

Biden pledges US military protection of Taiwan

U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday that the United States is ready to defend Taiwan militarily against Chinese aggression. Beijing considers part of the island to be part of its territory and now continues to pressurize military aircraft in Taiwanese airspace.

Biden said in an interview with Baltimore voters aired by CNN. The two largest economies in the world often clash over a number of issues in some kind of Cold War climate. But the Taiwanese issue alone is seen as one that could provoke an armed conflict.

Intimidating Taiwan? Cake piece for Beijing

The next ambassador to Beijing, industry diplomat Nicholas Burns, said on Wednesday that he had “no confidence” in China regarding Taiwan. He advised the island to provide more weapons so that it could defend itself. Burns made statements to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which would confirm his appointment.

Taiwan has had its own government since the Communist conquest of the Chinese continent in 1949. But Beijing considers Taiwan one of its provinces. It also threatens to use force if the island formally declares its independence. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said he was confident ‘Quiet’ meeting.

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