May 24, 2024

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Biden sells Nort Stream 2 – global gas pipeline contract to Merkel

Joe Biden, who received Angela Merkel last week, reiterated this: Nord Stream 2 is a “bad deal”, a bad deal that will only benefit the Kremlin, increasing Europe’s pro – Russia stance and providing Vladimir Putin with another weapon to use against Ukraine and other neighboring states. . But after days of tight talks, the US president gave the green light to the controversial pipeline, setting aside fears and supporting the need to strengthen ties with Berlin.

The agreement reached between Washington and the German capital was announced in a joint statement, as Putin greeted President Merkel over the phone and the two leaders talked about a “constructive compromise”. Nordstream 2, which runs with the Nord Stream, will double the amount of natural gas that Moscow exports directly to the center of Germany and the Old Continent, so 98% of the pipelines will be completed considering submarine pipelines. Baltic is already established.

This is a real turning point in the White House line-up compared to the complete infiltration carried out in recent years by the Obama administration and then Donald Trump. Beyond the official announcements, a turning point in the air came with Biden, who had already decided to impose sanctions against the top management of the Nord Stream 2AG, the company doing the work and its majority partner, the Russian energy company Gosprom.

At the points of central understanding, the message sent to Russia is that the Kremlin is committed to launching severe sanctions and other punitive measures to exert undue pressure on Europe or to threaten Ukraine with an aggressive approach and malicious intent. Activities. Despite the news coming from Kiev and Warsaw being taken very badly, Russia defines the gas pipeline as a real threat to Ukraine and the whole of Central Europe.

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