April 22, 2024

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Biden: ‘We will retaliate strongly against Russia’s hostile actions’ – World

“America is back,” democracies are united to face future challenges “: Joe Biden speaks after his wife Jill, Royal Air Force (RAF) Miltonhall, the air base that supports operations in US aviation.

“We are not looking for a confrontation, but a stable and predictable relationship with Russia”: Joe Biden, speaking to US troops at the Royal Air Force (RAF) base in Miltonhall, UK, reiterates that the United States will respond, however, to “every strong and significant” action against Moscow. The news that he wanted to start again a week after his face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16th.

Joe Biden said he would reaffirm the US commitment to the 5th Article on Mutual Security when meeting with NATO leaders in Brussels. A commitment that Donald Trump did not publicly confirm four years ago. The U.S. commitment to the Atlantic Alliance, Biden promised while speaking with U.S. troops on a British base, was “very firm”, but stressed the need for the Commander-in-Chief to modernize its capabilities in the organization and the Internet.

NYT, towards an agreement to end the US-EU tariff war – The United States and the European Union are working on an agreement to end the war on tariffs on metals and those associated with Boeing-Airbus subsidies. The New York Times writes that the parties hope to reach an agreement by mid-July. “We are committed to finding complete and lasting solutions to our trade conflicts and to avoiding further retaliation that could affect trans-Atlantic trade,” Joe Biden reads a draft report ahead of the US-EU summit in Brussels next week.

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