May 26, 2024

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The European Union and the United Kingdom are arguing over sausages

In recent days the European Union and the United Kingdom They argue Especially sausage. Under the Brexit agreements, in fact, from June 30, Great Britain (understood as the UK, Scotland and the Isles of Wales) will no longer be able to export frozen meat to Northern Ireland: countries that are part of the EU, with occasional and minimal exceptions, and the North Ireland is also concerned because it is part of the United Kingdom but only in the single market and the European Customs Union.

The British government insists that British cold meat does not pose a real health risk to Europeans, while the EU states that the UK was well aware of what it was when it signed the Brexit agreements, which allowed it to leave. EU January 1, 2021.

On Wednesday morning, the European and British delegations met in London to try to resolve the sausages and other minor inconveniences that might arise in the United Kingdom from July 1, when some of the terms expected by the Brexit agreements would come into force. After the meeting, the British delegation He knows There has been “progress” between Great Britain and Northern Ireland on some “limited issues” such as the free movement of guide dogs for the blind, but not on the issue of cold meat. “They have not yet given us a satisfactory explanation of what the problem is.” he said a BBC News George Eustis, British Environment Secretary.

In fact, such issues are a direct result of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to leave Northern Ireland into a single market and EU, with the intention of not building a new border between Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the European Union, and part of the United Kingdom.

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During the compromise, approx One and a half years ago, This decision was celebrated with great admiration for Johnson in the British press. By the end of 2020, the United Kingdom He insisted again In an official document, his intention is to comply with agreements that processed and chilled meat will not be imported into Northern Ireland from 1 July.

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Moroz Sefovic, vice-chairman of the European Commission on European Negotiations for the aftermath of Brexit, said the EU would provide temporary solutions to the cold meat problem, but British negotiators refused to adhere to European standards. . Sephovich added that it would be difficult for the EU to trust the UK under the new rules, which have been in effect since July 1 during these six months (perhaps softening their position by relying on the fact that there will be an EU).

It is unclear how the sausage dispute will end. The Guardian Writes During the G7, which begins on Friday, June 11, the Irish government and European companies hope that US President Joe Biden can pressure Johnson to find a compromise.