June 24, 2024

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Bitcoin (BTC) geldautomaten maken opmars in El Salvador, honderden geldautomaten geïnstalleerd

Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs are on the Rise in El Salvador, Hundreds of ATMs Installed » Crypto Insiders

At the beginning of this month a The New Historical Cryptography Code In fact. Bitcoin (BTC) The legal tender became official on September 7. Historic day for El Salvador and the world of cryptocurrency.

The state government hopes that the largest cryptocurrency will be used by the population as a means of payment on a large scale. Retailers have even had to deal with bitcoin payments.

bitcoin vending machine

To further stimulate this process, the government in El Salvador recently installed a huge amount of Bitcoin ATMs. At these vending machines, customers can buy bitcoins with cash.

El Salvador already has such 290 Of these installed machines. This represents 70% of the total amount of these types of bitcoin vending machines in the entire South American continent. With this, El Salvador also exceeded the amount in the United Kingdom.

Most of them were installed in August. Within a month, El Salvador was able to put itself on the map when it came to the number of Bitcoin ATMs.

Vending machines in El Salvador work in conjunction with billy goat Bitcoin wallet. This wallet was chosen by the government to serve as the official wallet for the population of El Salvador.


Although the developments in El Salvador look very positive for the crypto community at first glance, residents of El Salvador think very differently about this. They don’t seem to be fascinated by Bitcoin and everything it stands for.

I came back a few days thousands of people They took to the streets to demonstrate against the new law and the country’s president. At the same time, several new Bitcoin ATMs were set on fire. Even the Chivo booth was completely destroyed.

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It is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done before Bitcoin is actually adopted as a means of payment by the population in El Salvador. However, the country is making historic strides when it comes to bitcoin adoption and it can only be encouraged by the crypto community.