April 16, 2024

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Black priest caught watering flowers

Black priest caught watering flowers

A black priest was arrested in Alabama in late May for watering neighbors’ plants. This is evidenced by the body camera images above that were distributed by his attorney. According to the lawyer, this is a clear example of “racial profiling”. Police arrested Reverend Jennings on charges of “obstructing the investigation”.

Officers had arrived at the scene after a phone call from a local resident found that there was a “suspicious figure and a suspicious car” in the house. The woman who made the call soon realized it was Jennings, and also explained to the officers that it was “normal” to be there to water the plants (See the video above).

A few weeks later, complaints against Jennings were dropped. But Jennings’ attorney won’t stop there.

‘to kidnap’

This wasn’t just a wrongful arrest, it was a kidnapping. “It was irrational, irresponsible and illegal,” Harry Daniels told NBC News. Daniels is considering further legal action against the agents.

The Alabama Police Department may stop a person in public if they suspect or intend to commit a crime. Daniels maintains that his client did not enter public land but private property.

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