May 27, 2024

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'Blind dating' on YouTube leads to police investigation in Morocco

'Blind dating' on YouTube leads to police investigation in Morocco

Moroccan police have launched an investigation into a YouTube series in which a young woman chooses her ideal partner based on her clothes.

The series, titled “Blind Dating By Outfit,” has been widely criticized for its “alleged violation of Moroccan values.”

The series is an imitation of the American show “Blind Dating”, in which a woman is paired with several men behind the screen. The video, which was posted earlier this week, has received more than 1.5 million views in less than four days.

The police are closely monitoring the distribution of the video and are investigating whether the video contains elements punishable by Moroccan law. Many citizens demanded the video be removed from YouTube and urged the authorities to take action against those involved.

The series also received many negative reactions from social media users, who believe that the series does not respect Morocco's culture, education and religion. One YouTube user wrote in a comment: “As a Moroccan girl, I have never felt such shame. These people do not represent our culture, education, and especially our religion.”

Another user wrote: “As a Moroccan man, this girl does not represent our women.”

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