July 16, 2024

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Bodycam footage shows nurses’ shocked reaction when patient in long-term coma suddenly gives birth |  outside

Bodycam footage shows nurses’ shocked reaction when patient in long-term coma suddenly gives birth | outside

A few tears, but above all a lot of disbelief: New police camera footage shows how shocked the reaction of the staff at a healthcare facility in Phoenix (Arizona) was after a patient in a long-term coma gave birth in a completely unexpected way. It remained unclear for a long time who raped her. Eventually, Nathan Sutherland (37), one of her nurses, turned out to be the culprit. He was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2021.

Flashback to December 29, 2018: A Hacienda HealthCare employee checks the diapers of a woman (29) who has been living in a vegetative state for more than 25 years. To her surprise, she suddenly noticed a baby’s head. The boy suffers from shortness of breath. The police are notified immediately.

This case caused great outrage around the world. Now, under legal pressure, images of that unreal evening have been published for the first time.

Who had access?

It shows how chaos reigns. A nurse explains how she made this shocking discovery. She was so traumatized by the situation that she ended up staying home for a month.

The officers are also asking all kinds of questions to find out who has access to her room. “Female caregivers only,” was the response.

Nathan Sutherland. © AFP

DNA test

No one suspected Sutherland at the time. “The caregivers were really all women,” explains one of the employees at the time in the report provided by Arizona’s Family TV. “These people wash, clothe and feed the sick. But there are also nurses who provide medicine, among other things.

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So one of them was Sutherland. It was only detected after all male employees of the facility underwent a nucleic acid test. “Soon after the facts, one of the parents urged him to be pleased with his presence. He said, “I know my baby is safe when you are around.” So the trust in him was so great,” says the same source.


The truth hit all involved hard. Sutherland indicated that he was neglected by his mother and he himself was abused in an orphanage. “I would like to apologize to the victim,” he said during his trial. “You don’t deserve to be hurt. The fact that I had to fight all those demons really doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t have done that to you and I can’t express in words how sorry I am.

Nathan Sutherland during his trial.
Nathan Sutherland during his trial. © Reuters

“Everything has changed here.”

The healthcare establishment itself has also responded to the new episode. “It’s heartbreaking to see those photos again after nearly five years. The victim and her family remain in our hearts, that nurse’s behavior was disgusting. Meanwhile, almost everything has changed here. We have new management, new staff, and new regulations. Unfortunately, no That terrible day can be erased, but now we work hard every day to prevent such suffering.

The boy, who will celebrate his fifth birthday in December, is being looked after by his mother’s relatives. The woman is now staying at another healthcare facility in Phoenix. She crawled through the needle hole when she nearly drowned at the age of three. However, since then there is no longer any doubt about the existence of Karim.

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