February 27, 2024

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Borger delves into the world of positive health

Borger delves into the world of positive health

“Positive Health” meetup at Anker in Borger. | Photo: Ryan Dinesen

BURGER – Today, Petra van den Bosch, collection coach at BURGER, is organizing an information meeting on positive health in cooperation with Andean Well-Being. Dozens of Anker seniors are gathering in Borger to learn more about the topic together.

What is positive health?

“At Positive Health, we try to look at health in a different way,” Van den Bosch explains. She stands in front of a well-stocked room in Anker with a huge smile on her face. “When we talk about health, we have to look beyond just health as a cure for illness. Health is also about your mental well-being. Consider, for example, mental resilience and the meaning and quality of life.

Increase self-reliance

Van den Bosch explains why it is important to hold a meeting on positive health now: “Our welfare state is slowly transforming into an engaged society. Older people are increasingly dependent on one or several informal caregivers at the same time, and this is expected to decrease The number of informal carers available each year. This development means that older people are becoming more aware of their health and are thinking about what they can do themselves to keep themselves fit and energetic for as long as possible. The meeting on positive health is therefore very useful for older people who want to take matters into their own hands and increase Their reliance on themselves.

Work together

During the meeting, participants explore the six different pillars of positive health through discussions, games and puzzles. All discussed this morning: bodily functions, mental health, meaning, quality of life, engagement and daily functioning. It is then up to all participants to map these pillars within themselves. What is currently working well and in which areas is there still room for improvement? The whole room works enthusiastically and talks to each other about the different pillars. Discussions quickly arise around philosophical questions: What does it actually mean to care about someone? What is the difference between unity and loneliness? And: How can I care for someone who doesn't want to get help? One attendee asks the group for advice: “My neighbor seems to be very lonely. I've asked her several times to have coffee together or help her in some other way. But no matter what I do, she doesn't seem to want to receive help. How can I help her best? One by one , fingers rise in the air. Participants share their personal experiences and exchange practical advice with each other.

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Participants learn together about the importance of positive health. | Photo: Ryan Dinesen

Not only useful, but also fun

Erika Klein Gompert from the charity Andes knows the audience's questions well: “We often see that asking for help and taking the first step in this direction is often difficult. By participating in these meetings and activities, older people create a social safety net in which they can Reap the benefits later. One enthusiastic participant fully agrees: “My wife and I also participated in the fall prevention course organized by Van den Bosch. For us, this was not only informative and educational, but also a lot of fun. “This has helped us tremendously in making new connections.”

In addition to the necessary theory, a lot of attention is also paid to movement, music and above all: a lot of fun during the meeting. In this way, the meeting not only provides information about positive health, but is also a first step in the right direction.

Have you become excited and would like to attend a meeting or training course with Petra van den Bosch? Please contact Petra van den Bosch and email [email protected]