June 17, 2024

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Brad Pitt sues ex-Angelina Jolie after she sold shares: 'He feels cheated' |  celebrities

Brad Pitt sues ex-Angelina Jolie after she sold shares: ‘He feels cheated’ | celebrities

celebritiesThey have been separated since 2016, but the fight between Brad Pitt (58) and Angelina Jolie (46) is still going on. And now Pitt is suing his ex-wife in a new lawsuit. According to the actor, Jolie sold her shares in a joint winery in France to the Russian oligarch without his permission. And this, according to the actor, was not the agreement.

Can you still continue? Here’s a timeline of “Brangelina”‘s bitter split.

From the documents that TMZ On their hands, it turns out that there are quite a few obstacles facing them BrangelinaSit in the winery. Ex-lovers bought Chateau Miraval in the French town of Corines in 2008. Brad says he’s invested a huge amount over the years, but he also admits that Angelina paid a huge stake.

However, he believes he did most of the work and furthermore claims that he and Angelina have come to an agreement. The agreement was that neither of them could sell their shares without the other’s permission. Pete’s lawyers say this is where the error occurred.

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Legal and Moral Values

There is nothing wrong with Jolies’ lawyer, according to Jolies, and she had already announced in July 2021 that she wanted to give up her shares. But the actress did not say to whom she wanted to sell her stake at the time, and this caused a lot of annoyance in Pitt. After it turned out that Angelina sold her stake to the Russian oligarch Yuri Scheffler, Brad was everywhere.

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“Unfortunately, this is a biblical example of someone who disregards not only legal and moral values, but wholly the person who put his heart, soul and money into this venture. It is clear that selling her shares was more important than the agreement she made with the father of her children with whom she had a business relationship. Good, even after their separation,” a source close to the former Hollywood couple said.


Pete wants a judge to rule on this case now. “He feels cheated and demands justice. Angelina, in turn, seeks satisfaction with the work and money she invested in this project, but, she says, she was never rewarded for it. The actor demands compensation from his ex-wife. It is not known exactly how much money is involved.

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