March 4, 2024

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Robbie Williams returns as 'Secret' (and no one noticed) |  Music

Robbie Williams returns as ‘Secret’ (and no one noticed) | Music

MusicIt’s very possible that Robbie Williams, 48, is back in a new band after more than a year of silence. The singer can be heard unequivocally in the first single of the group Lufthaus, but the band and the artist themselves did not say a word and his name can not be seen anywhere.

The new music of Robbie Williams, one of the most successful artists of recent decades, is usually big news in Europe. In 2016, his record label bought expensive television broadcast time in England to advertise a new album during a commercial break for “X Factor”. With 2.4 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, one message would quickly grab attention, but it’s been quiet there for a month and a half.

Almost no fans noticed that Williams released a new song a week ago with Armada, the record company co-founded by Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren. The song is called “Sway”, the band was called Lufthaus. A press release was issued and the group promoted the song on a newly created Instagram profile, but that has remained completely under the radar given the 239 k followers. The song only went viral on Thursday evening with fans on social media.

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puzzle pieces

But the puzzle pieces are there. It looks like Williams has already given a taste of the song in an Instagram Live during the pandemic. He was already planning to start a band under a different name with producers Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis, with whom he had been collaborating for some time. While none of them are mentioned in the press release, he does talk about “three friends” and “decades” of experience.

Underground-style house music is uncharted territory for Williams, who said he hopes fans will enjoy the music at the clubs. And it’s not just one single: The band promises to deliver an entire album, live performances, and “digital experiences” for the coming months. The group says the identity of the band members has been kept secret on purpose.

This isn’t the first time Williams has flirted with the band’s life and pseudonym. For example, he didn’t like being alone on stage when he briefly returned to boy band Take That in 2010 and toyed with the idea of ​​releasing his album Intensive Care under a different name around 2004. But Lufthaus appears to be a side project for Robbie At the moment, who is also likely to release an album of his name this year. Hence he is celebrating his 25th birthday as a solo artist.

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