March 24, 2023

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British 'icon makers' get support from Banksy

British ‘icon makers’ get support from Banksy

Artist Banksy has designed a T-shirt to help the four Britons who will stand trial next week for tearing down a statue of a slave trader in Bristol.

He. She Edward Colston photo removed June 7, 2020 They were thrown into the water by protesters during a protest against racism in the English city. The protests sparked a debate over the controversial statues. Colston’s statue was not returned, but he went to the museum for an exhibition on Black Lives Matter.

Banksy’s shirt shows a blank base with ropes and some debris from the demolished statue.

Banksy says all proceeds from the sale, £25 each, will go to the defendants. “So they can have a beer,” he wrote on Instagram. The four, aged between 21 and 36, are charged with vandalism. They plead with the innocent.

The shirts are on sale in five clothing stores in Bristol, Banksy’s hometown. Long queues of thousands of interested buyers have already formed on Saturday, message independent.

Colston made his fortune in the 17th century as a slave trader. Before the statue ended up in the water, 10,000 people had already signed a petition asking the local government to remove the statue from public spaces.

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