March 4, 2024

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Broadcast tips.  And so it goes with the cast of 'Geordie Shore' and the murder mystery with Joanna Lumley |  Showbiz

Broadcast tips. And so it goes with the cast of 'Geordie Shore' and the murder mystery with Joanna Lumley | Showbiz

There's nothing better than lying on the couch after a busy work week and watching a series. However, with all these different streaming services, can you no longer see the trees in the streaming forest? So we're there every Friday to help you. Brand new series, the latest season of old heroes or hidden gems: you will discover them here.

Family Plan – Apple TV+

Shouldn't everything be so sweet for you? No problem, because Apple TV+ has an entertaining comedy show with “The Family Plan.” If “Die Hard” can be a Christmas movie, then “The Family Plan” can also be a good choice to brighten the first days of the new year.

The story of this picture revolves around Dan Morgan (Mark Wahlberg). A New Yorker who wears many hats: loving husband, excellent father, and popular car salesman, for example. But also: a former murderer. When he is attacked one day – out of the blue – he quickly points it out to his former employer. To escape the criminals, Dan takes his unsuspecting family on a trip to Las Vegas. A fun family outing, or so they thought…

“Fool Me Once” – Netflix

Even in 2024, there will be no shortage of exciting series on streaming services. Like Netflix's “Fool Me One,” an eight-part British series based on the book of the same name by thriller writer Harlan Coben.

Ex-soldier Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) is the focus of the series. She believes her husband Joe (Richard Armitage) was murdered in their home after a burglary gone wrong. To feel safe again, Maya installed cameras in her home. But when she views the photos, she makes a shocking discovery: her husband is still alive, and regularly invades the house. Meanwhile, Maya's cousins ​​are searching for their mother's killer, and believe both cases are connected to previous events.

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'Class of '09' – Disney+

After watching “Fool Me Onence” – are you looking for more tension and suspense? You've come to the right place with Disney+ and the brand new “Class of '09”. In this exciting drama series, a team of FBI agents must learn how to deal with artificial intelligence in their field.

The story of “Class of '09” takes place in the past (2009), present (2023 and 2025) and future (2034), and revolves around two protagonists. On the other hand, there is Ashley Boyett (Kate Mara), one of the most successful secret agents of all time. On the other hand, Taiwo Michaels (Brian Tyree Henry), is the most unusual model ever. They both try to follow the American criminal justice system, although it has some serious consequences due to artificial intelligence. According to the streaming service, the series is about “justice and the impact our choices have on our heritage.” You may (not) ask the AI ​​if this is actually true.

“Geordie OGs” movie – Streamz

Despite all the copy, no series has put trashy reality TV on the map like Britain's “Geordie Shore.” Rancider is different from its American counterpart and is already in its twenty-fourth season. An all-new cast – well – makes things even better. However, you can catch the original stars performing in the 'Geordie OGs'.

They made their debut on MTV in 2011, and since then, the likes of Gaz, Holly and Marnie have no longer needed a last name for die-hard reality fans. But how have they really fared since their TV debut? This is what the researcher discovers the added value of reality in “Geordie OGs”. This series reunites the original cast members – along with their children, friends and new faces – as they give viewers a glimpse into their personal and professional adventures.

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“Good Grief” – Netflix

He was brilliant in the comedy “Schitt's Creek,” but for the Netflix film “Good Grief” — which he also directed himself — Dan Levy showed a completely different side. As the gay writer Mark, he has to come to terms with the sudden death of his husband.

Fortunately, Mark can count on moral support from his two best friends, Sophie (Ruth Negga) and Thomas (Himesh Patel). They managed to cheer him up somewhat, and after that Mark decided to go to Paris with the three of them. Once there, it turns out the journey isn't all roses and moonlight. The trio faces some difficult truths they would rather not face. Variety is already excited about the film, and The Hollywood Reporter has praised the acting and story. It is up to you to judge whether this is true.

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