April 23, 2024

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Brussels Airlines cabin crew strike confirmed starting Wednesday  local

Brussels Airlines cabin crew strike confirmed starting Wednesday local

The Christian Union continues the strike of cabin crews at Brussels Airlines, starting Wednesday and lasting for three days. Tuesday's meeting did not result in a solution. It is not yet clear how much this will affect air traffic. This is what the union and management learned.

The Christian Union – along with the Dutch-speaking ACV Puls Central and the French-speaking CNE – announced strike plans last week. The cabin crew was dissatisfied for some time; Social conflict is mainly about wages and workload. Jolinde DeFeo of ACV Puls previously said that during the Corona crisis, cabin crew lost wages and increased productivity, including through short breaks. “In other words, they are working harder for less pay. But this is no longer sustainable.” Now that Brussels Airlines is doing better financially, flight attendants and flight attendants want their share of the pie.

CNE trade unionist Didier Lippi confirmed that Tuesday's consultations did not yield any results and that the strike was “inevitable.” It requests written proposals from management, which can be presented to employees.

The socialist and liberal unions have not yet participated in the strike. They are waiting for another meeting with management on Wednesday morning, and will then decide whether to join the strike or not, says Olivier Van Camp of the socialist union BBTK.

A Brussels Airlines spokesman confirms. A number of flights may have to be canceled during the strike, but it is not yet clear how serious the disruption is, according to company spokesman Nico Cardone.

There were also social unrest among other employee categories at Brussels Airlines, pilots and ground staff.

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“no feelings”

Brussels Airlines management regrets that the airline's Christian union is continuing its three-day strike starting Wednesday. It seems that the beatings now “do not bring the solution any closer.” He added: “There is a comprehensive proposal on the table and all union representatives agree to continue negotiations on the basis of this proposal.” There is no point in striking at this time, because these discussions will continue anyway.

The company apologizes for any potential inconvenience. “A working group is currently analyzing the exact impact of the strike. We are convinced that a significant number of flights can continue, but any interruption cannot be ruled out.”