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How often do you dust?  What about disinfection?  How often do you clean your refrigerator?  This is the perfect cleaning schedule  My guide

How often do you dust? What about disinfection? How often do you clean your refrigerator? This is the perfect cleaning schedule My guide

LiviusChores take up time you would rather use for other things. However, with good planning and a few clever tricks you can save a lot of 'cleaning hours'. Livios construction site It lists all your daily, weekly, monthly and annual chores, and explains how to organize them intelligently to ensure a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Daily tasks

Brushing your teeth a little every day will save you a lot of work during your weekly cleaning. Once you've finished cooking, clean the worktop and clean the hob with an all-purpose cleaner to remove grease. After washing the dishes, clean the sink and your kitchen will look great again instantly.

It is also a good idea to dry the showerhead after each use. This shouldn't take much time. Keep a squeegee handy and wipe the glass wall dry, wiping the faucets with a cloth and making sure there is no water on the silicone edges. This way you can prevent limescale, black edges and dirty joints that are difficult to maintain.

Finally, it is recommended to ventilate every day, winter or summer. Open the bathroom window for fifteen minutes after a steamy shower and provide fresh air into the bedroom. This way you not only remove bad odors, but you also remove humid air. This is important to prevent condensation spots on the walls and associated mold. If it is difficult to ventilate the bathroom, it is recommended to install a mechanical ventilation system. This is what you need to know about ventilation in the winter period.

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Weekly business

Weekly cleaning is essential for a healthy living environment. Dust, vacuum and mop the floor and carpet to remove stains. The bathroom also deserves a thorough cleaning. Cleaning vinegar with hot water can work wonders against limescale. You can quickly clean your bathtub, glass walls, and taps, and it also helps get rid of dirt on tiles and grout. Use milder products containing citric acid on faucets to prevent damage. If you struggle with too much lime in your water, it's worth investing in one Water softener. This makes maintenance much easier and you don't have to worry about those annoying white lime stains.

Avoid cleaning pads or other rough items: Check out these essential tips for cleaning your shower.

During weekly maintenance, pay close attention to places we often forget, such as lamps, the litter box itself, the bottoms of kitchen cabinets, and the rubber of washing machines and refrigerators.

It is best to wash bedding weekly or every two weeks at a temperature of sixty degrees. Sweat and dead skin cells accumulate in sheets and form a breeding ground for bacteria.

Are you tired of stains on the floor? Our guide tells you how to remove each stain.

It must be taken care of monthly

It is a good idea to allow more time each month for once weekly cleaning. Next, you can clean the vacuum container, clean and descale the coffee maker, and deal with the refrigerator. Remove any paper or other dirt stuck to the refrigerator walls and make sure the door rubber is clean and fits snugly. This way your refrigerator consumes less. Please note: Built-in appliances have ventilation grilles at the top and bottom and you should also clean them so they can continue to do their job.

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Do you usually wash clothes at cold temperatures? Don't forget to select the high temperature program from time to time. This way you avoid bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.

Savings advice: This way you can use your refrigerators/freezers' energy efficiently And Washers/dryers are used sustainably.

It is maintained annually

During your annual spring cleaning, you take the time to clean in places you wouldn't otherwise. Remove the cabinets completely, let the freezer thaw, and then put the curtains in the washing machine.

Also important: You should maintain your heating system. Liquid or solid fuel boilers should be inspected annually by a professional. For gas boilers, maintenance is mandatory every two years; In Wallonia this happens every three years. On the other hand, heat pump maintenance is not mandatory, as long as the device contains less than 3 kg of refrigerant, but you can conclude a maintenance contract with the installation technician. The professional will then check in time whether everything is still working and can detect any problems at an early stage.

The C ventilation system is easy to maintain: just clean the valves and grilles once a year. With Type D systems, you must clean or replace the filters. It is best to do this once a year. It is recommended to maintain ventilation channels every five years. Hire a professional for this purpose.

In summary: You should not miss this information regarding the maintenance of all your technical installations.

In addition, it is a good idea to inspect the roof annually for minor defects. Also clean your gutters and downspouts thoroughly at least once a year, preferably after the winter. Moss, leaves, and dirt can collect there and cause congestion. Leaf catchers help avoid the biggest problems. You should pay attention to this when maintaining your roof.

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It is also recommended to inspect the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units annually, inspect the solar boiler, and clean the solar panels with water and a sponge or soft cloth. It is also not an unnecessary luxury to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Some fire insurance policies even require this annual maintenance. Another annual task is to drain the radiators before turning the heating back on. Finally, don't forget to test your smoke detector(s).

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